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01st January 2016 – 31st December 2016

The year 2016-17 for ARYA BHARAT has been a year of experimentation, learning and evolving. The year threw up many challenges, prompted us to push ourselves to new limits, become innovative and emerge with new insights. It made us face many situations where we were challenged to change, modify or recreate the modality to work with our beneficiaries. However, what did not change for us is our zeal to create a ‘World free of pollution, unemployment, poverty, child abuse, etc… The path for this work has never been smooth, and we have faltered, learnt and evolved into being more rooted and compassionate. We are delighted to have exceeded our targets across all of our few programmes. We are learning how to further strengthen and streamline our interventions through regular monitoring, evaluation and timely strategic decision making throughout the organisation. In times of crisis and pain, what has helped us stay the course is the faith that has been bestowed on us by our beneficiaries, partners, funders and well-wishers. Amidst all of this, we are kept motivated when the unemployment, poverty, child abuse, etc… people we work with emerge as champions and participate in their own safety. This year we were fortunate enough to see many such moments, and we would like to give you a glimpse of these through this annual report.

Creating mass awareness on the issue of unemployment, poverty, child abuse, etc… has always been a critical aspect of our work at ARYA BHARAT. We reached out to few individuals through a diverse range of awareness sessions.

ARYA BHARAT also participated in various national and international events and conferences, including:

  • NGO Expo
  • CSR

Our outreach through social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook has been to few hundreds. This space has been used to create visibility on the issues of women empowerment and entrepreneurship, poverty alleviation, women safety and security, etc… through articles, photos and posters as well as to showcase ARYA BHARAT programmes and outcomes.

ARYA BHARAT has also gained visibility through both print and visual media.



Free Awareness Workshop & Dental Check-up Camp in March 2016 at Safdarjung Slum Area, New Delhi.

Dr. Sumit Dubey, propagated the use of special brush for additional cleaning in difficult to reach areas, small head, tapered and then story doesn’t end here. Avoid soda  drinks,  chocolates,  chips,  snacks  and  junk  quick  bite  between  meals.   He also emphasized that manual toothbrushes should be replaced every 2-3 months as the bristles can wear down and become weak. Powered tooth brush (battery operated) is also recommended.

He educated everybody that how many times a day should one brush / floss his/her teeth?: Flossing should be done once a day. Flossing stimulates gum tissue, keeping gums strong and healthy and also removes decay causing bacteria in between the teeth that can lead to decay and gum disease.

The program was conducted under National Oral Hygiene Campaign India – An initiative for HASNAA (Healthy Affordable Solutions Nationally for AAM AADMI) in association with ARYA BHARAT.



Free Awareness Workshop & Dental Check-up Camp

Free Awareness Workshop & Dental Check-up Camp was conducted under National Oral Hygiene Campaign India – An initiative of HASNAA (Healthy Affordable Solutions Nationally for AAM AADMI) in association with ARYA BHARAT at Sarojini Devi Girls Inter School Gursahaiganj, Kannauj (UP) during May 2016.

Dr. Sumit Dubey Senior Specialist carried out a comprehensive dental check-up on students of Grade 9.

The camp was initiated with dental awareness talk, educating students about common dental ailments, especially stressing on tooth decay and gum diseases and measures to prevent from them. The students were highlighted about the eating patterns and food choices which cause tooth decay. The surgeons also highlighted about the possible formation of harmful acid which develops when bacteria (plaque) get in contact with sugar in the mouth which ultimately results in tooth  decay. “Added sugars often are present in soft drinks, candies, cookies, pastries and therefore to help control the consumption of sugar one must read the food labels and choose the right foods and beverages that are low in added sugar”, Dr. Sumit ,Dubey added.

The below free dental check-up and awareness camp is one of the many free social events organized by the ARYA BHARAT Group throughout the year.



Free Dental Check-up Camp in Noida (Uttar Pradesh) during Dental Health Week

The students got ample opportunities to interact with the dental doctors to enquire and gain knowledge concerning oral diseases.

Dr. Sumedha Kushwaha and Dr. Manasvi Bawa Behl, as the General Secretary/Founder and the President of ATTAC Society- Aim to Terminate Tobacco and Cancer were the doctors voluntary present for awareness drive.

Dr Sumedha has delivered a lecture on drug abuse. She said the youth were the future of the country and they should participate in nation building activities by contributing towards the development of the nation.

She also said the youth must associate actively in the mainstream activities instead of leading passive lives and said the nation could march ahead on the path of progress only with the support of the younger generation. The youth should read the biography of freedom fighters.



Swachh Bharat Abhiyan Campaign

ARYA BHARAT supported Sunflower Foundation initiative for beautification work at Nagarparishad bldg., Administrative bldg., Tahsildar office, Police station In Ausa, Latur (Maharashtra) on Sunday, 02nd October, 2016.

The condition was worst of Administrative Building of Ausa Taluka in Latur, which we have taken for cleaning & beautification. The Building is newly constructed but spitting of Tobacco & Guthka made this one of the worst building of #Latur. Therefore, on day of Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti, over 500+ students, officers, local villagers taken pledge with us to keep their area, locality clean & leave all bad addictions like tobacco, guthka in future. Took a pledge for cleaning drive at Administrative Building Ausa, Tahsildar Office Campus, Ausa Police Station, Municipal Corporation office Ausa. The Stains of Tobacco Spiting was very hard to remove but thanks to the volunteers by their hard work we made it successful.

We took off The “Swachh Bharat Awareness Rally” on the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti with students, villagers, volunteers & govt. officers from Ausa Police station to Tahsildar office, it’s created awareness & education about Cleanliness & No Spitting at all.



Free distribution of Cooking Stove and Blanket during India's Festival of Giving and Joy on Saturday, 08th October 2016

Free distribution of Cooking Stove and Blanket during India’s Festival of Giving and Joy on Saturday, 08th October 2016

There are a lot of things in the world that can make us smile but nothing beats the invaluable joy of making someone happy. DaanUtsav is India’s festival of giving that brings people from various sectors together, to celebrate and spread the joy of sharing. Held annually in the first week of October (2nd – 8th), the festival has empowered millions of Indians to give back to society. From auto drivers and maids, to CEOs and celebrities, everyone can give back in a way they choose- time, material, money or love. So let’s join hands to ensure that this wonderful movement reaches every corner of India! This year, ARYA BHARAT supported Sunflower Foundation initiative of “Joy of Giving Week” for distributing blankets and cooking stoves to the senior citizen ladies and helpless men and women’s from very underprivileged sector of tribal areas. Thanks a lot to all our volunteer of Sunflower Foundation who supported for this noble cause charity.



Free distribution of Sewing Machine during India's Festival of Giving and Joy on 08th October 2017

This year, ARYA BHARAT supported Sunflower Foundation initiative for distributing sewing machines to the needy widow & girls of  rural  villages  of Latur  (Maharashtra) to help skill development & women empowerment. These machines will give their family a permanent source of income to survive.



Wommenovator Series 1: 16th Oct’ 16 at SCOPE Convention Centre, Lodhi Road

Panel Discussion on marketing and business

India Excellence Awards: The awards recognize women leaders for their exceptional championship of gender equality and support for Women Empowerment.

Walk your Product & Services: An opportunity for innovators, educators, hackers & anyone who is passionate about exploring new marketing options & showcasing their

Panel discussion on government schemes by PSU Banks, SIDBI, MSME-DI, NIESBUD, NSDC (SSC for Food Processing, Beauty & Wellness & Tourism and Hospitality) and NSIC