Arya Bharat

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01st January 2014 – 31st December 2015

I am very pleased to share our work in this report for the year 2014-15, our successes and our challenges, with stories of change.

From a year of learning and reflection in 2014-15, this year we moved into a year of consolidation and growth. We invested in strengthening the senior leadership at ARYA BHARAT to have more experienced and skilled individuals leading ARYA BHARAT and we set a new benchmark for ourselves by reaching out to over few more people.

I would like to thank everyone who has supported us, financially and in all manner of other ways. I would especially like to mention Smt. Rachana Kodesia, Smt. Dolly Bhasin, Smt. Veena Gupta, Smt. Tripti Somani, Smt. Parull Mahajjan, Shri. Suresh Chandra Arya whose continuous support has been invaluable. I would also like to thank Dr. Aditya Arya & Shri. K. K. Sharma and Shri Gaurav Gupta proactive mentors and advisors to ARYA BHARAT for over few years and having influenced and shaped ARYA BHARAT strategic direction alongside with the Board members. We draw great strength from the support we receive on our journey from all of our donors, supporters, well-wishers and mentors who continue to motivate us.

We look forward to another year as we set ourselves a new benchmark for growth and build our training and capacity building and research and development in order to reduce the occurrence of unemployment, poverty, child abuse, etc…, heal its impact and create safe and supportive environments.

ARYA BHARAT has come a long way since its inception. The organisation has grown in leaps and bounds. It’s being recognised in the social sector for the work it’s doing, not only locally but also on an international level. Today, it gives great pride to see that the seed sown a few years ago has now blossomed into a tree, giving shade and bearing fruits, enjoying the summers and spring and battling the winters,  if I may say! But it stands where it is because of its strong, deep roots.


We aim to provide a comprehensive and holistic intervention model with regard to Border State Development, Security and Relations with Neighbouring Countries.

ARYA BHARAT in association with Forum of Awareness of National Security has organized National Seminar on Border States Development, Security and Relations with Neighbouring Countries on Saturday, 1st August 2015 at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi.

The Advocacy and Programme strategy emphasizes a holistic multilevel model in order to deal with the issue of National Security, which is a highly sensitive and socially taboo issue in Indian society.

These Strategies are further divided into 4 sub-strategies namely:

  1. Public and Policy Advocacy

Public and Policy Advocacy is geared towards creating sensitization on society’s objective with the public in order to create more visibility and awareness about the burning issues.

  1. Prevention and Intervention Services

Prevention and Intervention services for on society’s objective in order to reduce the occurrence heal its impact and create a safe and supportive environment.

  1. Training and Capacity Building

Training and Capacity Building of relevant stakeholders in order to replicate the preventive and intervention based strategies of ARYA BHARAT.

  1. Research and Development

Research and Development is focused on developing an authentic and holistic knowledge base on society’s objective and to create further awareness and sensitization within the larger society, as well as to advocate for local, state and national level changes pertaining to the issue as well as to advocate for local, state and national level changes pertaining to the issue. Along with this knowledge development, ARYA BHARAT will also design various modalities to scale and replicate services across geographies and socio-economic and cultural groups.


Oral Hygiene

Poor Oral Hygiene is observed in rural men, women and children, with socio-economic inequalities being a key determinant. The cost of dentist visit and dental procedures are very high and so most of the poor avoid going to qualified practitioners. Poor Oral hygiene has an impact on the overall health of the child and affects his growth and health.

To help old women, men and children overcome the issues ARYA BHARAT have started conducting Free Dental Camps under National Oral Hygiene Campaign India

– An initiative for HASNAA (Healthy Affordable Solutions Nationally for AAM AADMI)

across the Gursahaiganj, Gram Badlepuria, Kannauj of Uttar Pradesh during May 2015.

We all very well know from our childhood that same dictation told my mom that Brush with a soft toothbrush, use fluoride toothpaste twice day will keep your teeth healthy, same way physician quote An apple A day keeps a doctor away.



CodersTrust India conducted IT Training at Pushp Institute of Sciences & Higher Studies, Pilibhit, (UP) in support with Arya Bharat (NGO) free of cost and supported by Hon’ble Minister of Women & Child, Smt. Maneka Sanjay Gandhi during December 2015.

Francesco Stasi from Italy and Edward Cederlund from Spain came to meet & motivate engineering college students to become self employed/ freelancers.


Cultural Awareness Program

The Cultural Awareness event titled “Satyam Shivam Sundaram” was organized on Thursday, 6th February, 2014 at Stein Auditorium, Indian Habitat Centre, New Delhi in collaboration with ARYA BHARAT. The repertory “Satyam Shivam Sundaram” celebrated the three universal values of Truth, Goodness and Beatitude.

It had remarkable performance by Padma Vibhusan Awardee, Dr Sonal Mansingh, Indian classical dancer and Guru Bharatanatyam.

Her versatility inspires the youth by saying, “Never lose your roots, then only the tree

will grow and the flowers will bloom.


free Dental check up

Free Dental Check-up Camp at Gursahaiganj, Village Nandsiya, Kannauj of Uttar Pradesh in July 2014. Dr. Sumit Dubey is explaining patient present oral hygiene status, gums, teeth, tongue, odour and if required may advice Dental X ray. ARYA BHARAT has conducted this successfully with National Oral Hygiene Campaign India- An initiative for HASNAA. The camps conducted include:

  1. Dental check up of the rural men, women and children and adolescent girls
  2. Awareness of good oral hygiene practices
  3. Providing the patients with prescriptions


Cultural Awareness Program

The Cultural Awareness event titled “SHUNYATA” was organized on Tuesday, 30th September, 2014 at Kamani Auditorium, Copernicus Marg, New Delhi in collaboration with ARYA BHARAT.

It had remarkable performance by Shovana Narayan (Padmashri & SNA Awardee) and her troop. The final act of Shunyata, directed by Guru Shovana Narayan in collaboration with Grammy award winning monks of Palpung Sherabling monastic seat.

A legendary performance witnessed by an over packed auditorium, the Guru sets an example yet again!